Monday, October 21, 2013

First Blog Ever

      Sitting down to write my first blog ever for my graduate class, I can't help but feel a bit like Doogie Howser. I doubt I'll ever be as poignant as that character, but it's still fun to be writing my thoughts out like this. (Yes, I was alive when that show was first aired.  No, I did not watch it. I was only one when that show came out.)
     This is a wonderful world we live in.  Just think about it; twenty years ago, I was in Kindergarten learning about letters and numbers via blow-up representations of said figures.  Today, when five year olds learn about numbers and letters, they have the ability to get on their only personal iPads and discover more about the intended subject in interactive ways I would have never thought possible.
     I want to be able to use this blog as a way to complete the intended assignments for my class, of course.  However, I want to be able to continue this blog after the course to further express my musings as a young music educator in the midwest.  I do not expect my thoughts to change the world, but if I could be a resource for one person someday that I never expected to help, that would be quite amazing in my book.  Isn't helping people one of the reasons most of us got into teaching?  Why not use the resources at our fingertips to help us help others?
    I will end my first blog with links to some other ways people can find more information on me or my classrooms.  Hopefully the information on these links will evolve into something more grand and helpful as my knowledge base increases.

                    Confido autem in musica,
                                   Ms. K Schmitz

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