Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why Do Today What You Can ... Do...Sometime...

          Procrastination.  A topic I know a bit too well.  I always start with the greatest of intentions and end up on Woot searching for the daily deal that I will probably not end up buying because I am so cheap.  How many of you educators have started a web search in hopes of doing a great lesson plan for your class and ended up twenty youtube videos down the line, completely forgetting what your original search was intended to do?
          If it can happen to adults, it certainly can happen to students.  At my school, we have a 1:1 Macbook initiative with our 6-12 grade students.  It is an absolute blessing and curse because it allows for unlimited information, both practical and impractical.  Of course we have the ability to put limits on certain sites, but if we blocked every source of mindless time wasters, our tech squad would never leave their desks blocking and unblocking websites.  This is where Edudemic has come in to save the day!  They have given us a list of four different procrastination depleting tools to help keep both us and our students on the right task.  That is, if we put them on our laptops now and not when we have a chance to get around to it.
Click this link to find your saving grace. Now, not later, when it will eventually "slip your mind."

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