Thursday, March 20, 2014

It Has Certainly Been A While

     It may seem that I have fallen off the face of the earth as I have not posted a blog in a while.  Fear not; I am still here.  I have been working on surviving the time of year where we prep for numerous honor choirs, festivals, contests (for MS and HS) as well as the pops concert.  Add that in with a full rehearsal schedule from being in a G and S operetta, and you have one sleepy music teacher.
     I have been trying to add some new elements to my @SpartanVocal Twitter account.  A few weeks ago, I began implementing a "Group of the Week," where I post a song by different groups that I find interesting.  I have chosen groups from Anthem Lights to The Real Group, and there has been some positive feedback from the students and community alike in reference to the variety of music they are hearing.
    I hope to come back to writing a weekly blog for you all and have you join in my adventures in the life of a music teacher!

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